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Al Maqsad Institute

An Online Qur’an Learning Institute dedicated to promote the correct reading and memorizing of the Glorious Qur’an.

Quran a complete guide

“He who doesn’t have in his heart anything from the Quran, is like a deserted home” (Tirmidhi)

Quran is a reward

“Read the Quran, for it will be an intercessor for it’s companions on the day of judgement” (Sahih Muslim)

Welcome to Al-Maqsad Institute

“Practice and never lose hope”
The meaning of the word Al Maqsad is vast and deep and there are many faces to this short word. When directly translated into English it means ‘the object’.

Like an anchor that weighs down a ship, every individual needs an object in life. Without one we simply drift. Each of us is driven by our ambitions and goals. Life teaches us to keep moving forward and the Quran teaches us how to live this life. This Book, with all its sacred wisdom, is complete, whole and perfect in every detail.

Whenever we are questioned regarding our role model, the most easily anticipated answer is the Prophet (sal). But those are just words. And words prove nothing. If we have as much love and respect for the Prophet (sal) as we claim we do, why do we not try to be more like him? In this era of war and corruption, the world can do with a little more kindness and compassion.

Once Aaisha (ral) was questioned about the Prophet’s (sal) character. She replied: “It is the Quran.” It is plain that nothing can teach us about our Prophet (sal) more thoroughly than the very Book he taught his people. The Quran has a solution to every problem, even though we may not see it at first. So a person who commits its verses to memory and lives by its standards cannot and will not fail: he takes the Quran with him where ever he goes.

For this reason, Al Maqsad Institute provides everyone with the opportunity to memorize the Quran from the comfort of his or her home. For those who do not have the time or means to travel, it is an excellent source of religious knowledge. This website offers courses for both children and adults who have the determination and passion to complete this challenge and carry with them God’s own words.


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Personal attention is provided, either individually or in a group chat. This provides the student with a comfortable, easy-to-learn environment.

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White board learning with drawing tools to use.

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Video streaming between students and the tutor.

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Students can share learning material with their tutor and other students by posting PDF files, Power Point presentations or any Word Documents.

It’s a really good course, Alhamdulillah. The only difficulty I face is dividing my time between this course and college. But I certainly don’t want to give up because the schedule is very flexible and I’m comfortable with this learning environment. Another plus point is Al Maqsad’s approach to learning. By starting with the selected surahs I’ve become a confident learner who hopes to keep on improving, Inshallah.


Saudi Arabia

When I left high school, it was with the intention of pursuing two very different passions – sports and hifz. At that time, sports was foremost in my mind. I did hifz, but I had no enthusiasm for it. I did not learn my dhor and my only goal was to obtain the title of hafidha…. read more… SAFIYYA AMEER

Hifdh usthadha at sheikh zakariyya khanqa, South Africa

Since I was a child the Quran has always been a part of my life. Every day, I would recite its verses at a fixed time, and as little as I was, I never forgot to do so. Each time I closed that book, I found my heart content and peaceful…. read more… BINTE YAQUB